January is National Radon Action Month

Brown-Nicollet Environmental/Community Health will once again be offering radon test kits at no charge on a first-come, first-serve basis to homeowners beginning Jan. 2 during "Radon Action Month." The testing for radon in your home is important,...[Read More]

Date Published: 12/30/2019

Our View: Radon, invisible and ignored

Attention to radon sometimes seems as invisible as the potentially deadly gas itself. The naturally occurring gas seeps up through the ground and can settle inside homes. The problem is especially acute in our area. The fractured limestone that...[Read More]

Date Published: 11/13/2006

Nicollet County Giving Away Home Radon Testing Kits

Nicollet County Environmental Health will be giving away free short-term Radon testing kits beginning Thursday. Nicollet Environmental/Community Health says radon is the leading environmental cause of deaths in the US and more than 21,000 lung cancer...[Read More]

Date Published: 12/31/2019