Lethal and lawless

In a small cubicle on the fourth floor of a beige government building, seven TRAX stops west of downtown, one woman is on a mission to save lungs. She wants every Utahn to know what radon is, how dangerous it can be, and what they can do about it. But...[Read More]

Date Published: 01/29/2020

From deadly mines to dangerous bedrooms

Hundreds of years ago, at the base of the Erzgebirge Mountains between Saxony and Bohemia, 14th century miners carved their way into the boggy, tree-covered hillsides, pulling out rocks laced with shimmering ribbons of tin and silver. Small mining...[Read More]

Date Published: 01/29/2020

The radioactive killer

It's a warm November afternoon in Cottonwood Heights, a suburb of Salt Lake City, and the leaves are piling up in Dustin and Emily Wallis' backyard, but Dustin isn't raking. There's no time for that, or energy. Dustin is in his living room, thinking...[Read More]

Date Published: 01/29/2020

10 ways to protect your family from radon

We all worry about keeping our families safe. That's why we change our smoke detector batteries, get our furnaces checked for C02 leaks and ensure our windows and doors are safely covered and locked. But we may not be worried enough about radon a...[Read More]

Date Published: 01/29/2020

Inside the newsroom: Ignore radon testing at your own peril

It's a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. It seeps into your home, sometimes getting trapped in basements. You don't know that it's there. But it can hurt you. I'm not talking about carbon monoxide. You've heard of that, and the above description...[Read More]

Date Published: 02/01/2020

New Web site offers neighborhood radon data

If you want to know how your neighborhood stacks up for radon, stop by the state's new web site, which includes the results of more than 10,000 tests. The site shows average results for Utah ZIP codes....[Read More]

Date Published: 06/23/2008

How to test for radon

After smoking, radon is the No. 1 cause of lung cancer. The good news is you can detect radon in your home and remove it with relative ease....[Read More]

Date Published: 09/19/2008