Residents of Allentown can receive a free radon test kit as part Radon Action Month. The program to raise awareness about the dangers of radon and to urge homeowners to test is being sponsored by the Allentown Health Bureau, the American Lung...[Read More]

Date Published: 01/16/2009

Radon in your home? Experts say many don't ask

The radioactive gas can cause lung cancer. It's common in Lehigh Valley homes, and levels can be reduced. Pennsylvania doesn't require people selling their homes to conduct a radon test, but if they've had one done, they're required to disclose the...[Read More]

Date Published: 01/29/2007

Muhlenberg College aims to educate public about effects of radon

Early Friday afternoon Muhlenberg College students Meray Faragalla, Brin Cardonik, along with Assistant Professor of Public Health Chrys Cronin, discussed results of a recent four-year study on radon. "Number 1 thing we take from the study is the...[Read More]

Date Published: 01/31/2020

Crisis Communication

The 12 seniors taking Infectious Disease Epidemiology this spring weren't required to attend the weekly videoconference class meetings set up when coursework went remote due to COVID-19. But Chrysan Cronin, assistant professor and director of public...[Read More]

Date Published: 08/14/2020

Dealing With Radon

Consumer Reports offers steps to making your home radon-free. First test, then if you discover radon, call in the pros....[Read More]

Date Published: 09/02/2008

Buyers have the advantage

When buying a home, make the sale contingent on the outcome of various inspections: home inspection, radon inspection, termite inspection, and septic system, if the home has...[Read More]

Date Published: 09/19/2008