Courthouse tested for radon

Recently, two separate radon inspections were performed on the Preble County Courthouse, both finding there is a potential issue in the 100-year-old building. The Preble County Board of Elections had the first test completed on the courthouse....[Read More]

Date Published: 01/21/2020

Clark County giving away tests to detect radon levels in homes

David Garrett did not know what radon was until a friend at the health department suggested that he pick up a free radon testing kit. "I hung it up right away," the Springfield Twp. resident said, adding that he was shocked when he received the...[Read More]

Date Published: 09/27/2007

Free radon test kits available to Miami Valley residents

Free and reduced-cost test kits are available to Miami Valley homeowners to check their homes for elevated radon levels. Households with an income below $80,500 are eligible to receive a free test kit, and those above $80,500 may purchase kits at a...[Read More]

Date Published: 01/08/2020

Free radon tests for Montgomery County homeowners

Free and cost-reduced kits are available for Montgomery Country homeowners looking to test for elevated radon in their homes. Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that increases the risk of lung cancer when built up in homes. Around half of Ohio...[Read More]

Date Published: 01/08/2020

Test home to prevent radon-induced lung cancer

We can take action against radon and radon-induced lung cancer today by testing our...[Read More]

Date Published: 10/17/2008