Radon News

Clark County giving away tests to detect radon levels in homes
David Garrett did not know what radon was until a friend at the health department suggested that he pick up a free radon testing kit. "I hung it up right away," the Springfield Twp. resident said, adding that he was shocked when he received the... [Read More]

Radon Testing In La Crosse County
Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in our country, and experts say it's also a problem in the La Crosse area. Earlier this year, health officials began testing homes for radon in the La Crosse area. The test results are back on more... [Read More]

LIBRARY NOTES: Libraries aid in radon awareness cause
In January, the La Crosse County libraries in Bangor, Campbell, Holmen, Onalaska and West Salem began assisting the La Crosse County Health Department with the sale of short-term home radon testing kits. Who knew it would be such a phenomenon? In... [Read More]

‘Shocking’ number of county homes test high for radon
More than half of the homes tested for radon earlier this year had levels above the recommended limits, a result one county health official Monday called "quite shocking." Test results from 258 homes showed 55 percent contained radon above the... [Read More]