Radon News

Clark County giving away tests to detect radon levels in homes
David Garrett did not know what radon was until a friend at the health department suggested that he pick up a free radon testing kit. "I hung it up right away," the Springfield Twp. resident said, adding that he was shocked when he received the... [Read More]

Whole-house fan shouldn't draw more radon
Is a whole-house fan not recommended for a house with a radon problem? Because the radon mitigation system is sealed and works on the underside of the basement slab, the whole-house fan probably can't compete with it. You could prove the point by... [Read More]

Radon prevention in dispute
A dispute over invisible, but potentially dangerous, radon gas is unfolding in Howard County Circuit Court over a radon contractor's claim that county inspectors are not making home builders toe the line on required... [Read More]

Workers Worry About Health at Interior's Headquarters
Interior Department employees cited dirty air filters, inadequate building ventilation and falling brick dust in deteriorating buildings, the report said. Many respondents said they were concerned about mold, radon and asbestos.... [Read More]

Fairfax County Students Win at International Science and Engineering Fair
Eight Fairfax County students won third awards and three won fourth awards at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta. Andre Gerner (Marshall HS) won a third in Environmental Sciences for Efficacy of a Radon Pump at Mitigating... [Read More]

Library’s Little Scholars center is tested for radon
Children enrolled in the Library of Congress's (LoC) Little Scholars child-development center may have been exposed to an unsafe level of a carcinogenic gas, and their parents have yet to be notified. While completing new LoC requirements for its... [Read More]

Spoiled Soil
It's a disease we typically associate with smoking, but public health workers warn, lung cancer could be hiding in the soil near your home. "Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer so we try to promote and educate as to the hazards of radon... [Read More]