Radon News

Whole-house fan shouldn't draw more radon
Is a whole-house fan not recommended for a house with a radon problem? Because the radon mitigation system is sealed and works on the underside of the basement slab, the whole-house fan probably can't compete with it. You could prove the point by... [Read More]

Counter-strike: Granite as a base for suit
Granite countertops are coming under fire after a flurry of complaints to the Environmental Protection Agency claiming they can decay over time and emit radon, a radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. In July, the EPA released a statement that the... [Read More]

Radon prevention in dispute
A dispute over invisible, but potentially dangerous, radon gas is unfolding in Howard County Circuit Court over a radon contractor's claim that county inspectors are not making home builders toe the line on required... [Read More]