Radon News

Granite Countertops May Contain Deadly Radon Gas
The highest emission rates for granite countertops ever reported in scientific literature result in concentrations that are hundreds or even thousands of times lower than the EPA's guidelines. To test your home for radon, you can buy a home test kit or... [Read More]

Summertime, and the living isn't so easy
I've suggested in the past that American summers aren't particularly dangerous but that American summer journalism is. The country's chief mischief-makers, meaning its elected officials, are generally on vacation, depriving us of our usual diet of... [Read More]

A screening that would save lives
Regardless of the cause of the cancer--smoking, radon, asbestos, pollution--early detection can save lives. A simple test that could save lives of lung cancer victims is not being given. A low-level CAT scan that detects lung cancer in its earliest... [Read More]