Radon News

Controlled airflow: good; uninvited outside air: bad
Q: I always look forward to the end of summer when we can open up our house and enjoy the cooling outdoor breezes. I'm concerned about this flow of air, however, since I have read often about controlling outdoor air. Is it bad for us to open the windows... [Read More]

Free Granite Tests: Jupurana Bordeaux, Niagara Gold, & Four Seasons
Owners of Jupurana Bordeaux granite (also known as Niagara Gold and Four Seasons granite) in the San Francisco Bay area can receive free radon testing for their granite. Certified Health Physicist Linda Kincaid is performing the testing for research... [Read More]

The California Department of Public Health runs a program, partially funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, designed to reduce exposure to indoor... [Read More]