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Months after high levels discovered, housing authority addresses radon issue with residents

Date Published: 02/27/2020 [Source]

High levels of radon were reported in more than 60 homes at a low-income apartment complex. Our partners at The Huntsville Times and AL.com broke the story and found out the Huntsville Housing Authority kept the radon issue away from residents for months.

Residents found out earlier this week high levels of radioactive gas seeped through the cracks and into their homes.

"We determined since the units are built on a slab that there are cracks in the slab that may have occurred when plumbing was put in and different things where pipes would run," said Huntsville Housing Authority Real Estate Development Director Quisha Riche, "and through those cracks - that's where the radon is coming in."

'We had to live in it,' said a former resident A current resident, who chose to remain anonymous, was asked how she feels about what's been going on, she said "How I feel? You know they could have told us something you know."

A former resident, Sylvia Thomas said she lived at the complex for 5 years and left in 2014.

"I think that was very, very wrong," said Thomas. "Wrong. They don't have to live in it. We had to live in it."